Best Budapest Dentist - Root canal treatmentA) Introduction

Root Canal Treatment Is A Dental Procedure To Treat Infection At The Centre Of A Tooth (The Root Canal System). Root Canal Treatment Is Also Called Endodontics. The Infection Is Caused By Bacteria That Live In The Mouth And Invade The Tooth When: • Tooth Decay Occurs • Fillings Leak • Teeth Are Damaged By Trauma, Such As A Fall

B) Importance of Saving A Natural Tooth When A Tooth Becomes Badly Infected Or Has Extensive Decay, Root Canal Treatment Is Necessary To Save Or Repair The Tooth. Root Canal Therapy, Also Known As Endodontic Treatment, Is A Dental Procedure In Which Removes The Damaged Or Diseased Pulp Inside The Root Of The Tooth To Save Or Restore It. The Root Canal Is The Cavity Within The Tooth That Contains The Pulp. When The Nerve Tissue In A Root Canal Is Infected Or Damaged, Treatment Must Be Performed To Remove The Pulp Chamber And Save The Tooth From Further Damage And Infection. If Root Canal Therapy Is Not Performed, The Tooth Will Eventually Need To Be Removed, And Dangerous Infection Can Spread Elsewhere.

C) After Care of Root Canal Treated Tooth It Is Advisable To Protect A Root Canal Treated Tooth By Crown Due To Its Weak Tooth Structure. Depends On The Available Natural Tooth Structure, Dentist Will Decide Whether A Post Need To Be Fixed In Canal Before Crown Fixation. Since Root Canal Treated Tooth Has Weak Tooth Structure, It Is More Prone To Fracture. Ideally, Crown Fixing Can Be Done 3-4 Weeks After Root Canal Completion. It Is Important To Look After Your Teeth When Recovering From Root Canal Treatment. You Should Also Avoid Biting On Hard Foods Until All Treatment Is Complete. Most People Can Help Prevent The Need For Further Root Canal Treatment By: • Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene • Being Careful To Avoid Too Much Sugary Food In Your Diet • Quitting Smoking, If You Smoke